Knitting and Crochet Patterns

I found a great online tutorial for making dog sweaters (you’ll be cranking those pups out in no time).

Here are a few Ravelry knitting patterns to get you started, and while you’re there, join the group: sweaterpups (all one word)–bones-dog-coat

Crochet patterns:

Click to access 95.pdf

Click to access 95.pdf

Click to access WR1035.pdf

Click to access WR1035.pdf


Dog + Sweater = Adorable + Warm

Welcome and thank you!

For our first endeavor, we are creating doggie sweaters for Southern Comforts Animal Rescue of Texas

They have greatest need for size small & medium.

Please send your sweaters to: 15019 S Baylan Santa Fe Tx 77517. But only after you’ve posted pics on Facebook & Instagram: #sweaterpups