If you give me a gift, I will think of you every time I see it. Even something simple as a tea towel elicits a reaction of gratitude for the gift and the person who gave it.

Perhaps matter holds memory, perhaps it is merely a projection. But the mere act of giving brings a little bit of self to the gift creating a bridge between giver and receiver.

I’d like to think that kindness of the giver attaches itself, weaving itself into the fabric, even more so if it’s handmade. (If you’ve read the book/seen the movie “Like Water for Chocolate” you know what I’m talking about. Basically the emotions of the main character are carried through every dish she cooks effecting the people who eat her food. Really good movie & read, I highly recommend it!)

I’d like to think that when we create sweaters for doggies, the warmth of our intent is also felt. A dog’s perception is so unique, maybe your kindness embeds a scent and the sweater feels a bit like an embrace.




Knitting and Crochet Patterns

I found a great online tutorial for making dog sweaters (you’ll be cranking those pups out in no time).

Here are a few Ravelry knitting patterns to get you started, and while you’re there, join the group: sweaterpups (all one word)–bones-dog-coat

Crochet patterns:

Click to access 95.pdf

Click to access 95.pdf

Click to access WR1035.pdf

Click to access WR1035.pdf